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Who are we?

Nicaragua today

Medical Care Ministry, is a program of the Church of Christ. Romans 16:16

We are called to Mercy, empathy for those most in need, orphans and widows.

God is love.

Church of Christ - Jonathan Gonzalez Neighborhood


Nicaragua is located in Central America, has a population of 6,465,513 people, of which 30% are poor (survive on less than $ 2 per day) and 21% are "vulnerable" (that is, live with $ 4 to $ 10 dollars a day, but given any change in their economy they can fall into poverty), 9% are in extreme poverty. This situation has worsened following the socio-political crisis.

The Jonathan González neighborhood is located in the city of Managua, Nicaragua. It was founded in 1982. The Church of Christ was started in 2010 by Brother Noel Romano and his family.


At present, the Church of Christ is mostly older adults, it also has a child population that attends the Church without the company of their parents, since the majority of cases the parents do not attend the Church and come from homes at risk, they are children with some state of malnutrition, and in recent years they have received a weekly snack from donations from brothers of the local Church.

We thought of this medical care program after the death of two widowed sisters because of acute heart attacks and an unfortunately suicide of a little girl.  All these deaths occurred in members of the Church during the year 2019,  We want to help healing the body and also share an opportunity to heal the soul.

To be a program of medical and psychological care for members of the Church of Christ and the community who are at risk of their health in the current context of the country


Medical Program

- Elderly

- Unemployed

- Orphans


Provide support to the brethren who are unemployed and who require medical and psychological care.


Reduce medical complications with timely medical attention


Expand this program to people in the community who meet these same characteristics


Be a reference center for older brethren, children of unemployed parents, pregnant women and unemployed Church members who require this type of care.


To be a means to reach people who do not yet know the gospel through contacts made in the same clinic.


Detect patients with depression and suicidal ideas and intervene with timely psychotherapy.

 First Steps Medical Program



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