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Church of Christ in the the Caribbean of Nicaragua


Nicaragua is going through the deepest socioeconomic crisis in the last 30 years According to data published by FUNIDES, the poverty rate for 2018 was 23.5%, this increased to 29.4% at the end of 2019 and it was expected that at the end of 2020 it would be 31.4%, but the Covid-19 pandemic has changed projections, predicting the post-pandemic poverty rate by up to 50%. There are approximately 240,000 people unemployed as a result of that crisis, which translates into less access to health for affected families. This situation is aggravated by the pandemic due to the new coronavirus (Covid-19), a health emergency that affects the economies of the entire world, but which in Nicaragua becomes a tragedy when it is in a previous situation of economic and social instability.

The coronavirus pandemic plus the violence that has remained in recent months in Nicaragua have contributed to a growth forecast for 2020 of -4.3%, which generates a halt to the progress made in reducing poverty since 2005.

Currently, the pandemic is expected to negatively affect Nicaragua through a decrease in resource inflows, a reduction in trade, and paralyzed tourism.

All of this will affect families' purchasing power of appropriate food and lack of access to medical services.

The Church of Christ in the Jonathan González neighborhood began in February of this year a medical project called Ministerio Medico Santiago 1:27 whose main objective is to alleviate the situation of lack of access to medical care for the brothers of the most disadvantaged congregations in the city from Managua. We want to continue providing this medical care, we also have as a goal to provide a package of meals to 100 families per month for 6 months, the families that will benefit will be those who have lack of employment or the families who lost the heads of family who were in charge of that responsibility.

Since May, medical assistance has been provided through Telemedicine by Dr. Xiomara Amador and Dr. María Antonieta Pon to accompany people with symptoms or suspected of being affected by Covid-19, providing them with medications according to the scheme that is deems necessary.

We need to continue helping more people since the collapse of the health systems is almost imminent, no containment or mitigation measures have been promoted and the disease is being left to its natural evolution, which will bring a very high fatality rate. high, which is affecting not only the elderly population but also young economically active people, bringing more scarcity to their homes.

To bring this relief to the affected families, we need financial resources, so we ask all our brothers in the faith, friends and acquaintances to look towards Nicaragua, a people that, like the whole world, is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, but that in addition to that it is suffering from a socio-political crisis, which is leading to despair and a situation of calamity. We want to continue saving lives with our medical help, we want to speak to them of God's love through works of compassion for our neighbors, we want to care for widows and orphans as the Bible commands us and we want to be a light of hope in the face of so much chaos, We need your help for this, be part of the relief and God will provide in your home and in your life.

God bless you and bless Nicaragua.

Dr. Xiomara Amador

Medical Director Medical Care Ministry James 1:27

Thankful for aid 

Tel: +505 8665-4997

Tel: +502  5874-4828

Address:  PriceSmart 3 blocks south, 30 meters east. Managua, Nicaragua.

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